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Go Off Leash. 

Safety Notice:  The largest area of the park is primarily a water retention pond for Chippewa Falls. We are no longer able to put fencing around the culverts as debris builds up and inhibits the drainage of water.  For the safety of your pets, please take that into consideration when deciding if your dogs can play off leash in that area of the park.

We are a 53+ acre, off leash, canine leisure area...Operated, and oversight provided by a network of TOTALLY VOLUNTEER humans.


WE ARE A 501(c)(3) NON-PROFIT organization that strives to bring families and their 4-legged members together for fitness and fun in a safe and secure location.

The annual Chippewa Falls Dog Swim is back on!  We will be at the public pool on 8/23/2023 (8/24/2023 if there is rain or lightning on 8/23/2023) between 4 and 7 pm.  The cost is $5 per dog.  Please be sure to bring proof of rabies vaccination.  Also, please note that while dogs are encouraged to enjoy the pool, people should remain out of the water.

The dog park is completely self -funded - made possible by annual and daily park fees, as well as a variety of fundraising efforts run by park volunteers.


Our primary goal is park sustainability - ensuring the park will be available to dogs and humans alike for years to come.  

We are always looking for more volunteers to help run the dog park! 

We need you! 

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